Challenges and Results



The acatech Members, responsible for the content of the Academy’s work, are outstanding experts from the fields of engineering, applied sciences, humanities, economics and the social sciences. In the acatech projects, they work in interdisciplinary teams with scientists from other organisations.



The Senate forms the second pillar of the Academy alongside the Members. The Senate members include distinguished personalities from technological companies, associations, societies and the political echelons, as well as the presidents of the major science organisations. The members of the Senate give advice on strategic issues and fulfil a liaison function between the Academy and the corporate world, pooling the proposals from the industry and ensuring that the acatech projects take their practical considerations into account.


Executive Board

The Executive Board represents the Academy externally and is responsible for its management. Its composition reflects the Academy’s two-pillar structure: five Executive Board members and their deputies are elected by the acatech Members, two Executive Board members and their deputies are appointed by the Senate. The Secretary General of the acatech Office is a non-voting member of the Executive Board.


Funding Council

As a non-profit organisation, acatech is supported by both the federal and regional governments as well as by private funding. The acatech Funding Council is responsible for raising private donations. The Funding Council consists of personalities from industry, academia, government and civil society. The Academy’s projects could not be realised without the contribution of our financial supporters.


Board of Trustees of the Kollegium

The Board of Trustees of the Kollegium is composed of personalities from academia, industry, the political echelons and civil society. It primarily assists the Executive Board in issues concerning the Academy’s strategic orientation. The Board was constituted in June 2015 and assembles at least once a year.


[] Foto: acatech/David Ausserhofer